Love Letters From Elohim

Love Letters From Elohim

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Jesus commanded, Go and make disciples of all Nations.. Matt.28:18-21

Love Letters’ goal is to teach and equip II Tim.3:16 the whole of Scripture ,to defend the Faith, Phil.1:7; be ready to give an answer, I Peter 3:16..and make disciples and baptize Matt.28:18-20 all according to the inspired word of God. II Peter 1:20-21. Which is Jesus Christ Rev. 19:11-13...To speak only where Scripture speaks and to be silent where the Word is silent not to add or subtract from its Sacred Context..Rev.22:18-19,Duet.4:2..Eyes to see Ears to hear, heart to understand ,Conversion will take place and Jesus will Heal Eternally here and now Matt.13:15-16.Please listen to our Gospel messages...I Cor. 15:1-4 and come and Worship with us.. Eph. 10:25

If you’re interested in becoming a Christian and being sure of your Salvation, as put forth in The New Testament, according to the Teachings of Jesus please contact or visit and any and all questions are welcome.

About Our Church

We are a New Testament Gospel preaching church in Dallas, Texas patterned according to New Testament teachings as set forth by the Teachings of Jesus Christ in The Sacred Text of Scriptures,The Canon, The Holy Bible and have been active since 1960. Our gospel preachers, teachers, and evangelists teach from the Word of God, they do not add, they do not subtract.Rev.22:18-19..The Word of God YHVH is Final and is Inspired, Heb. 1:1-3; II Tim.3:16-17,


II Pet.1:20-21.. Pro. 30:5.. Please Contact us today for more details.